How do I begin to budget for my project?

It is hard to know what you should budget for your new project as a homeowner. There are many factors to consider. This stage can be very overwhelming for many homeowners.

Symphony’s comprehensive budgeting system will guide you through every step of the way, and aims to create a smooth project that is completed within your budget. We believe that you should design your budget before you design your home. Attainable and realistic project goals should be set. Additionally, it is also essential to have a contingency or emergency fund factored in for any unforeseen situations. We will be with you each and every step of the way.

New Custom Homes

We will give you a preliminary budget breakdown of your design, engineering, permits and build costs before you purchase your lot (if not already purchased) in order to help put costs into perspective.


Renovations can be a plethora of the expected and the unexpected. They may or may not include the following: foundation work; new exterior envelope; structural changes like floor plan and layout modifications; drywall; insulation; electrical and mechanical upgrades; flooring; and lastly, interior finishes in the kitchen, bathrooms, or elsewhere. The list goes on and on…

Costs will vary from project to project, as each renovation is unique. Every one of our renovation projects is tailored to our clients’ personal aspirations and budget.

We will take your entire wish list into consideration before we build a scope of work and a comprehensive budget. We will remain at your disposal to amend, educate and provide insight as needed, and when required.


There are many ways of taking an existing home and making it look new without blowing your entire savings or budget. If existing structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing components remain intact, money and design can be focused on the creative and simple ways to make existing spaces look fresh and new.

Symphony Homes will create a detailed scope of work and a comprehensive budget specifically for your project to ensure all budget goals meet your wish list.